Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Road To Mar Moussa Al Habashi -2-

Al Nabek (Qalamoon Mounts)
And here it is, who expected it will look like that?
Mar Moussa knew where to build such monastery, an isolated place, calm, and you can't reach it by any vehicle.
We encountered faithful young Christians in every cave around it, some were writing, some were thinking and others choose to pray and serve the monastery in the few days they want to spend there. i didn't see a lot of fras and fathers, it was like the place was runing by itself!
Such an interesting place..
but what's behind the old and poor looking from outside?
to be continued........

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Road To Mar Moussa Al Habashi

Al Nabek (Qalamoon Mounts)
February/2005 Mar Moussa monastery, built about 1000 years ago by "as a legend say" an Ethiopian prince how decided to leave the fancy life of the royal family in Ethiopia, and went to the middle of Syria where he built a monastery near AlNabek Town. We went there with The Rangers hiking group led by Bishr Al Sawwaf who decided to take us from the mountains, after several hours of walking the monastery started to show up.
to be continued.......
ps: my friend Talal Nahhass was in this trip, and i borrowed his camera to take several photos as he took some, and without his camera, this photo wouldn't exsist.. (and for girls: Talal is a very nice guy and he goes to GIM daily wowo)....thanks Talal !???
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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spring of Hama country side

April/2004: It was like magic, great views in the middle of Syria, very close to Kafar Zaita and Tibat al Imam villages (north of Hama), endless fields, farms planted with wheat and olive trees.
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Sunday, March 06, 2005


June/2004The fourth trip i made this year was in Sweida, Sweida's region is located in the south east of Syria.It was too short but at the same time too exciting!this pic is taken in Nomra, a small peacefull village in the north west of Sweida's region.what is so remarcable in Sweida that everything is black except the sky and the plants!

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