Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome To Turkye!

In the day I finished the exams, my friend Abdul Kader called and asked me if I have free time for a two days trip in Latakia; well, who will say no!

Since Latakia and the neighboring mountains were on or facing the Mediterranean, every body thought it was a crazy idea to go there in the winter. But I –deep inside- I knew that it will be warmer than any other region in the country, and it will be amazing to me to watch the snow in the mounts and see from the same place without making even a small step.

So we went to lattakia, spend the night in the coastal city, and head in the next day morning to the mounts, beginning from Kassab.
Kassab is a small Armenian town near the Syrian – Iskanderoon borders- the village is boiling with tourists in the summer and a ghost's city in winter. Beginning the walk from there and heading to the borders, we encountered very beautiful scenes, and as I expected, I saw the snow and the Mediterranean from the same spot.

Al-Akra mount

Standing there watching what is called internationally "The Syrian Turkish borders", and locally "the Syrian Occupied Iskanderoon", I tried to figure out what my feelings should be; should I feel like I'm looking on an occupied land, or I'm looking at a Turkish land. While many people still insist that time should never make us forgive and forget. Many people don't care about this large peace of land any more.
Still do I look through the borders, thinking about how we were living under one flag and one territory for over 500 years, when no languages or religions were separating us. I sudenly recieved a text message on my mobile phone saying: welcome to Turkye!
SyrianTurkish Borders