Sunday, January 08, 2006

Deserted Village

If you passed by a broken window, you will throw a stone on it, and if someone asks you why you're doing this, you will answer spontaneously that: It's already broken!
Well that what our folks did in a night hiking trip between Qara and Jrajir, when we passed near the ruins of an old deserted village, they left all the places and pissed on it's walls!
-nobody's living here anymore! –one of the hikers said-
I think he's right, somehow.

Join The Army!

The village is really a perfect place for shooting a movie or being transferred into a hotel, and it's built in the old traditional way, or what's left of it.
We camped near by, I felt like it was haunted, and when the sun rose again, I went there with my friend Ihsan and I took other shots.

Deserted village

click on the first photo, oh who's that! yazan was there too..hehe, sorry Yazan.
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